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Rental Cars at Carriage Collision Center in Gainesville, GA

If you have been in a collision and need repairs but also live a busy life with family and work needing you to get where you need to go no matter that you have been in an accident, we have you covered at Carriage Collision Center with rental vehicles perfect for getting your life back on track while we fix your car. If you need a rental car near Gainesville, we invite you to give our rental car service a try at Carriage Collision Center in Gainesville, GA.

Can I Get a Rental Car Without a Collision Repair Service?

Although we operate a collision repair center and offer rental car service, it is not mandatory that your vehicle is getting service at Carriage Collision Center to qualify for a rental. We commonly provide rental cars for customers from Oakwood going on important business trips. We have customers from Flowery Branch that want to test out a Nissan model extensively before making the purchase. We also have customers from Gainesville that simply need to secure a more fuel-efficient vehicle for a few days.

Flexible Rental Options

We are prepared to meet unique rental needs with variable timelines. No matter if you need a car for a few hours, an SUV for the weekend, or a truck for a week, we offer a variety of flexible options for as long as you need it. If you are ever in the position to need a rental car, we invite you to think of us first at Carriage Collision Center in Gainesville.

The Carriage Difference

We understand at Carriage Collision Center that needing a rental car often happens after a stressful accident. As an organization committed to collision repair excellence, we offer a friendly and affordable rental car service to extend our customers more value for choosing us.

Nissan Rental Cars

Our rental car inventory features Nissan car and SUV models of excellent reliability. We have all of the resources necessary to keep our rental cars well maintained and operating at peak performance. If you ever need a rental car when we complete your collision repair, we invite you to peruse our selection of world-class Nissan vehicles.

Rental Vehicle Requirements

  • Renter and drivers must be at least 25 years old
  • Renter and drivers must have a current valid driver’s license covering terms of the rental
  • Renter must have proof of insurance
  • Renter must submit a major bank debit or credit card

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