Frame Straightening Service

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Frame Straightening Service

Auto Frame Straightening Service in Gainesville, GA

At Carriage Collision Center, we understand that being in a collision is not only scary but it can be a hassle to restore your vehicle’s pre-damaged appearance, performance, and safety. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, it will likely demand some auto bodywork and repairs to restore integrity. The degree of damage will guide how we restore your vehicle’s pre-damaged condition.

Even a low-impact collision can cause the frame’s crumple zones to give way and require straightening to restore factory specifications. We proudly provide frame straightening for all makes and models. The Carriage Collision Center is conveniently located in Gainesville near Oakwood and Flowery Branch, GA.



Is Frame Straightening Necessary?


Yes, if the structural integrity of the frame has been compromised, it will need to be straightened professionally to restore its performance in a collision and your passengers’ safety. It is important to remember that the frame has an explicit design called a crumple zone that allows it to absorb impact during a collision.

If the frame is bent or has reduced crumple zone integrity, it means safety is at risk if an accident happens. If the frame is in a compromised condition with a higher risk profile in the event of an accident, it is always wise to get frame straightening service to restore its integrity and performance in a collision. Frame straightening is an easy way to gain peace of mind knowing that the frame’s crumple zones will function properly if needed.


What does Frame Straightening Include?


Frame Straightening Service begins with a certified technician, state-of-the-art facility, and computerized frame straightening equipment. The vehicle is positioned on a platform and secured to keep it still during the straightening process.

Once the vehicle is secured in place, chains are connected to the damaged frame. The hydraulic frame straightener slowly pulls the chains back until the frame is perfectly straight at factory specifications. Rest assured that our service will restore your bent frame to factory specifications giving you peace of mind that the frame is in peak condition in the event of a future collision.

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