Collision Center Near Flowery Branch, GA

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Collision Center Near Flowery Branch, GA

The Benefits of Quality Collision Repair Near Flowery Branch, G

The Benefits of Quality Collision Repair Near Flowery Branch, G
Carriage Collision Center in Gainesville, GA is your collision repair specialist. We service Flowery Branch, GA from our Gainesville location. Often accidents happen unexpectedly and cause minor or serious damage. Body damage can be caused by hitting fences, poles, vehicles, and bad weather. We work with all types of insurance to repair your vehicle quickly and perform quality work. Our technicians have the training to do quality work on all types of vehicle damage.


Services Offered at Carriage Collision Center

We have body panel repair services for car and vehicle panels. Every vehicle has special panels. Typical panels that become damaged and break apart in accidents are doors, trunks, bumpers, grills, and fenders. When the panel becomes damaged, it often has to be replaced with the right panels. We order the panels’ from manufacturers. Sometimes we can repair the damage, without replacing the panels. We often match the paint and spray paint the panels to look brand new. Often new body panels save time and money on repairs and keep the vehicle looking brand new.

Dent Repairs

Dent repairs are another service we offer. Driving on the road or in parking lots is often where dents occur. Car doors hitting our vehicle, shopping cars, curbs, hard surfaces, and other cars cause major and minor dents. We have traditional and Paintless Dent repair where we remove the dent without the need to paint. This service is for minor dent repair. Removing minor dents improves the resale value of the vehicle.

Frame Repair and Paint Damage

With collision, the car frame gets damaged causing the vehicle to be hard to drive. Even minor accidents can damage the frame so it is hard to steer and maneuver. We have the equipment to straighten a frame to the manufacturer specifications so the vehicles ride safely. For paint damage, we do touch up dings, scratches that add the aged look of the car. Touch-ups often keep the vehicle looking new and prevent major wear.

Bumper Repair and Other Service

When your bumper is damaged today it is often a high tech piece of equipment that may be connected to the trunk, signals, airbag sensors, cameras, and air ducts. It is a special make with special decorative trim made out of specific metals and alloy that match the make of the vehicle. We can replace the bumper and make sure that all the other parts are working along with it. We repair and replace defective accessories with the bumper that has been damaged. We provide minor bumper repair too. Our services have wheel repair and replacement, auto body paint repair, and color matching and blending for all types of vehicles.


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